Blogger’s block.

When we start writing essays or blogging, it might take a
while for us to get warmed up. How does one make blogging a regular habit? Here
are a few things to try.

Take one thing or one concept and start trying to understand
it really well. If you want to use the Internet for getting a deeper
understanding of your chosen topic, then cite your sources. If you have a way
to go directly to the source, then try that because it will make your writings unique
and refreshing. For example, if you have any elder in the family who has
experienced the tsunami in Japan or in Sri Lanka, you can have a deep
conversation with them and write about their experience. If you have an
opportunity to sit down with a grand parent and learn about how life was when
they were kids, that could be a source of a unique perspective on life.
Whichever approach you take, keep your essay authentic.

You are writing down a
conversation that is in your mind, or with others, in your own way of

Feel free to write your blog posts in multiple installments
if you have not arrived at the whole story. Save it in draft mode on your own
computer. Write out the whole thing and post each installment separately, one
after the other. When you do that, try to end each piece of the overall story
with some sort of intrigue or a cliff-hanger. This can make it engaging for the

Others may not have the same kind of exposure to the things you
write about. That may be the world of video games or the kinds of experiences about
which you are writing. Take the time to explain concepts, scenarios, and things
in simple and non-technical language, without assuming your readers know it so
that they understand what you are trying to convey exactly as intended.

Try to be kind and helpful to your readers when you share
your knowledge by writing on your blog. Give them some context for the topic
you are addressing and try to paint a picture with your words to help your
readers get in the right frame of mind for being able to enjoy your article.

Do not be afraid to use your blog post to pose a question or
leave questions unanswered. The readers may not answer it. However, just
posting the question will help you think about it later, and you may find your
way to the answer as you start thinking about it.

We will share more ideas for making blogging a joyful
pursuit for the middle school and high school student. Remember, blogging is a
written conversation you are starting, first with yourself, and later as you
build an audience, with people who want to hear your perspective.

This blog post is a warm-up before introducing school students to the Blog School by AlligatorZone.

Picture credit:
Ryan Snaadt on Unsplash