Blog School

Blog School   ̶   a guided course to learn to write with confidence and purpose, for the real world.

[ Free for members. For schools or in after-school programs, please contact us.]

Blog School originated as its own program in an ongoing peer-learning group with editorial support to encourage children to prepare for the real world with elite writing skills, i.e., writing to make things happen.

Course prerequisite: Middle school or high-school students. While it is not necessary, it would help if they have previously attended one of our introductory workshops ‘Blog Like A Boss‘ or our after-school program ‘Write Like A Boss’.

Recommended Duration and Frequency: AlligatorZone® supports all active members, whether individual learners or those in classrooms in schools or in afterschool programs. Initially, AlligatorZone® offers 60-minute online coaching sessions held every other week until the student has developed the skills to be a compelling blogger, or feels ready to take the training wheels off.

Blog School’s course structure:

  • Develop a personalized blogging strategy and tonal choice over the first 3 months.
  • Editorial support for the student’s blog.
  • Coaching to think and write like a marketer.
  • Peer-learning and review, if many students make a cohort possible.
  • Email access to a coach for ongoing support and guidance in between sessions.

Course material:

The course will use the guide book ‘Blog School – Marketing Communication for School Students, Vol. 1’ (obtain a hard copy of the book) for students to learn how to plan and start writing their own blog, along with individual guidance.

Benefits of ‘BlogSchool’ include:

  1. increased self-awareness through thoughtful writing
  2. understanding one’s personal brand well before internships, college and career.
  3. knowing how to write with purpose and confidence
  4. understanding what is influence and goodwill
  5. preparing to write essays for college admission and for the real world
  6. preparing to create a body of work
  7. understanding the compounding returns of long-term elite writing
  8. understanding the power of storytelling
  9. peer-powered learning
  10. social and emotional learning

About AlligatorZone®’s ‘Blog School™’:

Blog School is a spin-off from our highly acclaimed summer workshops on developing an entrepreneurial mindset, highlighting its importance in helping students gain mastery of a very essential life-skill, viz., writing to get things done. To learn more about AlligatorZone®, or to suggest improvements, please contact us.