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AlligatorZone®, where young innovators meet industry, is known for its unique conference-grade industry-networking events for students to meet startup founders and innovators from across industries, understand the future they are creating, and prepare for careers that very likely don’t yet exist, while simultaneously networking professionally for mentorship, internship and career opportunities or personal growth. Join our mailing list to know when an event is scheduled in your area. 


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AlligatorZone® is renowned for holding conference grade events with networking and featured presenters for young students who are innovators and lifelong learners to meet with entrepreneurs who are creating the future across industries. Over 150 startups have been showcased in family-friendly events in 20 cities from Mountain View, California to Miami, Florida. When held in public libraries, the conferences are usually free to attend. Click on the links below to learn all about AlligatorZone®’s one of a kind networking event.

AlligatorZone®, where young innovators meet industry™, got its start as a vibrant face-to-face community that brings together startups and school-age children and teens for a peek into the minds of startup founders who are creating the future. AlligatorZone® also offers uniquely inspirational and deeply engaging Learning & Development opportunities for lifelong learners from school and college students to working professionals and organizational stakeholders in industry.