AlligatorZone®, where kids meet cool startups, produces conference-grade events for young students and their families.

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Our most recent event featuring orthopedic device SimpliFix, presented by its co-inventor, orthopedic trauma surgeon Anjan R. Shah, M.D., will air on TV on Monday, May 27, 2024 at 11:30 a.m. Eastern Time (tune in to channels: Frontier 30, Spectrum 639, or Comcast 20).

Students inspired by AlligatorZone® are known to turn highly entrepreneurial in their thinking, create opportunities for themselves and others, solve problems independently, and view the world through an industry lens, always staying curious, and becoming lifelong learners.

Since 2013, AlligatorZone® has been bringing knowledge from industry and innovators to young students through engaging storytelling. AlligatorZone® ‘s events series has toured 20 cities all the way from South Florida to Silicon Valley showcasing over 150 startups giving our young audiences a rare peak into the future that innovators are creating. Visit our events page to learn more.

During the pandemic, when gatherings were not possible, AlligatorZone® expanded its offerings with curriculum for after-school programs, summer workshops and at-home programs. AlligatorZone® occasionally, at the request of families, has offered one-on-one industry coaching for highly motivated students to learn how to be standouts for college and careers.

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