AlligatorZone® delivers knowledge from industry and innovators to students in an enjoyable and useful manner.

Announcement: Enrollment is open for our guided ‘future of work’ program.

AlligatorZone® develops learning programs and environments using storytelling to inspire and inform learners of all ages, whether through events, board games, projects, school curriculum or personalized courses.

Primarily known for its one-of-a-kind innovation conferences for school-age children, AlligatorZone® ‘s event series, where kids meet cool startups, has toured 20 cities all the way from Silicon Valley to South Florida, showcasing over 150 startups presented by their founders. The audience gets a rare peak into the future that the innovators are creating, while the startup founders are often left pleasantly surprised by eye-opening insights from the digital natives.

AlligatorZone® has since, expanded its offerings with curriculum for students to learn complex concepts of commerce using tactile games and real-world projects in after-school programs, summer workshops and at-home programs. AlligatorZone®’s one-on-one industry coaching program prepares students to be standout candidates as they progress toward college, a career or calling.

AlligatorZone® thus helps learners of age 7 and above to start seeing their world through the eyes of an entrepreneurial problem-solver, to stay curious and to become life-long learners.

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