Academy for Lifelong Learners

This is not taught in schools. It usually takes years invested in a career and serendipity in finding advisors who care, before one gets the opportunity to learn essential life-skills to become standouts in one’s field. That is why AlligatorZone® creates personalized programs for individuals to acquire critical work/life-skills sooner.

Scroll down for a flyer about our current program, which starts with helping students acquire foundational communication skills. There’s more.

  • Grade Level 8 and above: AlligatorZone®’s multi-phased ‘future of work’ preparatory program for middle/high school and college students to develop critical skills and traits to stand out in the real world. Students who have participated in AlligatorZone’s programs, whether in public libraries, after-school programs or in summer workshops will enjoy priority. Contact us to learn more about this program designed meticulously based on industry experience and conversations with CEO’s and hiring managers who find even college graduates unprepared to navigate the real world successfully.

Get started in cohorts of up to 8 students with a series of weekly sessions on acquiring foundational communication skills for successfully navigating the real world.

  • Aspiring Professionals: AlligatorZone® Academy will also individually tailor a program in personal branding for those entering the workforce or starting out in a profession. AlligatorZone® Academy added this program based on conversations with several technical founders who feel they are lacking in critical marketing skills. The same program is also extended to working professionals in large organizations who are desirous of making a strong impression at their place of work and in their industry. Contact us whether you are an aspiring or seasoned professional, or a current or future CEO and learn how our programs can help you get in the zone along your journey.

It is never too early or too late to get started with AlligatorZone®.