Academy for Lifelong Learners

AlligatorZone® Academy offers personalized pathways for lifelong learners seeking self-actualization by helping them find their calling in industry. There are two programs currently available through the Academy.

  • Middle School and High School Students:  A multi-phased ‘future of work’ preparatory program for middle/high school and college students to develop critical skills and traits to stand out in the real world. Admission to this program is by invitation, for students who have participated in AlligatorZone’s various programs in public libraries, after-school and in summer workshops. Contact us to be added to a wait-list for when admission opens up to a wider audience. This program has been developed based on conversations with several startup CEO’s who say that they do not find even college graduates prepared with the skills required to learn how to navigate the real world and be successful. It is never too late to get started with AlligatorZone®.
  • Working Professionals: An individually tailored program in personal branding for working professionals, including the aspiring CEO. AlligatorZone® Academy added this program based on conversations with several technical founders who feel they are lacking in critical marketing skills. The same program is also extended to working professionals in large organizations who are desirous of making a strong impression at their place of work and in their industry. Contact us if you are a current or future CEO.