Curriculum: Analysis

AlligatorZone Analysis is a part of AlligatorZone’s new read-aloud or read-along curriculum. Scroll down for a catalog, and further, for recommended usage and content summary.

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Benefits: AlligatorZone Analysis uses storytelling to present an analysis of the world around us, each ebook is a child-friendly case study, or a case story. Case Stories help students develop curiosity. Students will learn to observe the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur, and learn to seek opportunities to solve problems everywhere around them. These ebooks also serve as teaching aids for teachers in schools and for the home-schooled.

Recommended Usage: This curriculum is for use once a month, at home for individual subscribers or in schools (ask us about classroom subscriptions) for ages 7 – 17, and to be combined with an ongoing discussion in AlligatorZone’s online learners’ forum.

Frequency: Books get added periodically to the catalog for reading once a month.