Curriculum: Analysis

Case Story™ – AlligatorZone®’s read-aloud program for analytical thinking.

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Case Story™ is a storytelling program designed to help children see their world through the eyes of an investor and an entrepreneurial problem-solver.

Case Story™, as a teaching aid in schools, is the first module of AlligatorZone® Analysis, one of the components of a bundled package of AlligatorZone® programs, made available in a ‘Class In A Box’ format.

Each Case Story™ is packed tightly with information, industry knowledge and age-appropriate performance tasks to help teachers show students how to connect the dots between academic subjects and their real world applications, all delivered in a highly interactive and engaging manner.

Our Growing CaseStory™ Catalog: 

The CaseStory™ module provides periodical publications designed to inspire young readers to remain curious, and enjoy peer-learning with additional resources in an online forum (and in a classroom).

Benefits: Each ebook is a child-friendly case study, or a case story.

  • AlligatorZone Analysis uses storytelling to present an analysis of the world around us. This is a set of case studies rewritten as stories for young learners, hence, Case Story™
  • Each Case Story™ is carefully curated to be uplifting and inspiring
  • Case Stories™ help students retain curiosity.
  • Students learn to look at the world around them analytically.
  • Students learn how to observe the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur, and seek opportunities to solve problems everywhere around them.
  • Students learn about industry
  • Those who read each Case Story™ out loud, will see an improvement in their vocabulary, build public speaking skills, and improve comprehension.
  • Students build on a collection of fascinating stories, making them interesting conversationalists.


“My daughter really enjoys each story. We read them together” – H.K., Parent of a 10-year old, Fremont, California.

“We can see how each story brings industry experience and insights and we think they are very valuable for our kids. – M.S., Parent of a 9-year old in Tampa, Florida.

Usage at Home: Enjoy AlligatorZone®’s Case Stories™ every few weeks, at home for individual subscribers or in schools for ages 7 – 17, and combine it with an ongoing discussion in AlligatorZone’s online learners’ forum.

Usage in Classrooms: These ebooks serve as powerful teaching aids in schools and for the home-schooled. AlligatorZone® trains teachers to deliver the program effectively and works with them with continuous support. Ask us about training for teachers and ongoing support for students.

State standards: Case Stories™ will map to any State standards.

ESSER Fund compatible features of AlligatorZone® ‘s CaseStory: AlligatorZone® has several programs such as AlligatorZone® Case Story™ that may meet the qualifying criteria of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund.

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