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AlligatorZone® Afterschool

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AlligatorZone® Afterschool is an equity-driven, sustainable, and evidence-based ‘out-of-school time program’ (OST program).  If you are an educator, tutor or parent interested in running your own trendsetting afterschool program, AlligatorZone® Afterschool is your answer.  We offer teacher-training on our one-of-a-kind program content that has been successfully piloted in multiple U.S. schools for use in afterschool clubs and in summer camps. Tutors must obtain the requisite clearances from their school district. Ask us about AlligatorZone® Afterschool if you want to nurture future changemakers in your neighborhood school.

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AlligatorZone® supports after-school enrichment programs with not just the curricula, but also teacher-training as well as support for the PTA or PTSA or the school administration to ensure success.

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At AlligatorZone® Afterschool, students gain an understanding of the real-world relevance of subjects taught in schools, coding clubs and robotics camps, through games and projects that entail entrepreneurial problem-solving. If you are a teacher or a PTA leader interested in bringing this program to your school, please contact us.

Success Stories of AlligatorZone® Afterschool:

ESSER Fund compatible features of AlligatorZone® Afterschool:

AlligatorZone® has several programs such as AlligatorZone® Afterschool that may meet the qualifying criteria of Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund, such as

  • Equity in distribution. The breadth of the program portfolio allows for effective use in classrooms regardless of access to the Internet or technology.
  • Industry relevance. Meticulously crafted content and teaching aids that tap into the observational powers of digital natives about their worlds.
  • Real-world engagement and career awareness. High-energy programs that get students excited about participating in projects and tasks that prepare them by hand-holding participants for real-world engagement, building amazing confidence.
  • Communication skills in English. Students will form teams and participate by communicating in various media as needed, and build skills the real world recognizes.
  • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills. AlligatorZone® Afterschool programs get students to collaborate and cooperate, having fun and, along the way, learning useful things about the world of industry and commerce.
Pictured above is a promotional flyer from one of the many pilot programs that ran successfully in public schools as an OST program.