After-School Clubs (Beta)

AlligatorZone®After-school Enrichment

AlligatorZone® offers specially designed after-school enrichment programs in schools with the support of the school’s PTA or PTSA and the respective school administration. At AlligatorZone® Afterschool, students gain an understanding of the real-world relevance of subjects taught in schools, coding clubs and robotics camps, through activities drawn from entrepreneurial problem-solving.

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Scroll down for customer success studies of the after-school enrichment programs that we piloted at the select schools.

To bring this after-school program to your school or to license the curriculum for your class, please ask your PTA leaders to contact us using this form.

More about AlligatorZone® Afterschool Enrichment Program

AlligatorZone® Afterschool program began with enrichment through complex games of skill and strategy drawn from the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, made kid-friendly.

The game-based learning module offers sessions devoid of devices and screen-time, where students play challenging and joyful games designed to provide opportunities to enjoy sensory experiences for kinesthetic learning. The very meticulously designed game-based program helps kids develop interpersonal skills for an attention-deficient world, an ability to get along with others while getting the job done, hones decision-making skills in teams and as individuals and helps them build coping mechanisms to manage uncertainties, by developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

AlligatorZone Afterschool continues to be in beta, as new enrichment programs are being piloted in after-school clubs and in week-long summer workshops with promising results.

AlligatorZone® Afterschool Success Stories: Given below are links to a few customer success stories with our after-school enrichment program pilots (for PTA officials – please request password to view the success stories):

  1. Project-based Learning in Teams: Changemaker Series
  2. Game-based Learning: Entrepreneurial Mindset Series
  3. Launch and Learn: Maker Series (case-study coming soon)
  4. Write Like A Boss: Communication Series (case-study coming soon)

About AlligatorZone®:  AlligatorZone®, where students meet startups™, is a nationwide face-to-face community of life-long learners that gathers entrepreneurs and school-age kids to help the youngsters get a peek into the minds of those who are creating the future. AlligatorZone® offers event-programs, alternative learning environments and educational enrichment programs for children, in a shared experience with a parent or a guardian. The mission of AlligatorZone® is to help families and educators prepare their kids for success in the future of work.