Startups Paybee and Swarm Technologies, in the words of a 5th Grader

April 1, 2018

By guest-blogger, Tribhuvani, a 5th grader and an AlligatorZone Ambassador

On Sunday, March 25, 2018, startups Paybee and Swarm Technologies were presented by their respective founders, Rajeev Prasad, and Sara Spangelo Ph.D. at a free public event by AlligatorZone held at Rinconada Library in Palo Alto, CA. This AlligatorZone event program was run for their community by kid volunteers coached under AlligatorZone’s community leadership initiative called AlligatorZone Ambassadors. This guest blog post is by Tribhuvani, an AlligatorZone Ambassador.



Have you ever wanted to donate to a place, but do not have the money to pay right then? You promise yourself you will donate next time you come. Next time you forget and the same process is repeated again and again.

An excellent entrepreneur named Rajeev had the same problem. To solve the problem Rajeev created a app called Paybee. In the app you just scan the QR code of the foundation, and you can donate the amount you want.

This way is more convenient and the foundation you are donating to gets more money. This way is convenient because you can just go to the app and pay. The foundation gets more money since you can pay right then, and do not forget.

Swarm Networks

Have you ever texted someone without using the internet or phone connection? That is what Sarah and Ben created. They created a gateway that works like a Wi-Fi hotspot, Low orbit earth satellite, and a ground station.

The functionality sounded simple. After connecting to the gateway from a mobile phone (similar to connecting to wi-fi), one can start sending messages. A gateway is a device that has electronic, palm sized rectangle panels. You send a message when you are near the gateway. The low orbiting earth satellite in space gets the message from the gateway through antenna. Then the satellite will send the message to a ground station. A ground station is a computer with an antenna.

This is very useful for remote villages that have no connection, for Agriculture, Maritime Shipping, Logistics etc. They can send messages using this device. Also, when a natural disaster strikes, you can use it to communicate.

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The author, Tribhuvani, an AlligatorZone Ambassador, is in 5th grade and likes to swim, ice-skate, and dance. AlligatorZone was an excellent experience for her, she says.