Rob Povolny, of EatFrescoFoods.com presents at AlligatorZone

AlligatorZone® is where kids meet cool startups. AlligatorZone regularly conducts free event-programs as a joyful community gathering in select public libraries, featuring innovative startup founders meeting with an audience of youngsters aged 7 – 17 and their accompanying families, making for an uplifting startup event for the entire family.

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At AlligatorZone®  youngsters learn problem-solving through direct interaction with startups and their products, in a shared experience with their parents and guardians. They also learn about various real-world applications of STEM principles to solve real-world problems by real entrepreneurs from their area. AlligatorZone® is not kid-stuff. Startups curated to present at AlligatorZone® are chosen from across disciplines.

Startups BioBots, in Pennsylvania, SportsManias and Jiva Cubes in Miami, seen presenting at AlligatorZone in public libraries.

AlligatorZone LogoAlligatorZone’s free event-series in public libraries make for not just an uplifting outing for a family, but also a joyous gathering of the entire community at a local public library joining to celebrate and participate in local innovation in a unique and exciting manner.

Our dream is to bring AlligatorZone® as a free event-program to youngsters in every public library that welcomes such programs to inspire youngsters about careers that very likely don’t yet exist. Contact us to bring AlligatorZone® to your locality.