Kid blogger reports on AlligatorZone Event in MountainView, CA featuring startups BalconyPets and Molekule

August 28, 2016

This guest-blog post is by Anisha G., a 6th grader in California. Anisha likes to play basketball and music. Anisha stepped up to serve her community as an AlligatorZone Ambassador at Mountain View Public Library, Mountain View, California at the AlligatorZone session held on August 6, 2016.


“Open close, Open close. … these two actions give me headache, I have to do something about it. This generated an idea to create a Pet door, which will make our life easier.”

On Aug 6th , Ms. Nancy Carson was invited by AlligatorZone in Mountain View Public Library to talk about her famous invention. Ms. Nancy is the fabulous founder of Balcony Pets Inc.

Nancy has an extensive background in entrepreneurship, business development, sales, education, digital communication and social media. Her understanding of people and the care of pets led her to create a product that fills a previously unmet need in the pet market.

She created a very easy-to-construct pet door for glass sliding doors, which includes three easy steps to construct without the use of tools; the pets can go in and out without disturbing and annoying the owners, and works in apartments and homes – Isn’t that amazing?

The qualities of pet door which makes it unique are:

The pet door is a modular, lightweight, snap-together pet door that requires no tools or expertise to use.

It is portable, lightweight, and easy to take with you when you travel or move.

It can be put up and taken down easily without any permanent changes to the home or apartment structure.

We can read more about Nancy’s famous creation @:

AlligatorZone ambassador “Anisha” in Mountain View Library introduced Nancy, where Nancy showed us how easy is to assemble the Pet door. She also talked about, how all kids start getting allowances and save money to make their dream come true.

Audiences were cheerful and were asking Nancy a few questions. Some of the questions were related to how she got funding to develop this product and she answered that she had to “use all her savings and her friends also contributed”.

If anyone is interested in buying the pet door you can buy it from Amazon.


Cough: ahem ahem, sneeze: aachoo achoo… ooops so many allergies, oh my, this air is irritating me, a lot. I wish there could be an air purifier that can help.

With Dilip Goswami’s help this dream has come true. He created an air purifier that will help people with asthma and allergies. He was also invited as the guest speaker for AlligatorZone in Mountain View library. The audience took a major role in introducing Dilip. His creation uses solar energy, led lights, and a Nano coded filter to break down the chemicals in the air. Well, how does it work?

Step 1: Air passes through the purifier

Step 2: Light activates the filter and creates a surface reaction

Step 3: The reaction destroys allergies, mold, and bacteria and turns them into harmless molecules

Step 4: The fresh molecules are released into the air

The air purifier can also be controlled with a smart phone app.
This air purifier is going to be released in 2017.

Dilip Goswami, the Co-Founder and CEO, previously served as VP of Technology at Advanced Technologies & Testing Laboratories where he led research & development. He holds a M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and B.S. from University of Florida. While at Stanford, Dilip worked with the Technology Venture Formation program on a medical device startup, Surgicool.

Some questions were asked about how he got the idea of designing it and he answered, “As an asthma sufferer, I know very personally how precious the air we breathe is.”

“So I thought that, it would be good to create an air purifier named “molekule” which breaks the bacteria and helps me and others breathe better.” The audience was amazed to see the creation, so at the end of his presentation, when he took out the elements out of the purifier, everyone rushed to see it.

If you want to take a look, and want to know more about it then here is the link:

‘AlligatorZone Ambassadors’ is a new module aimed at seeking greater community-engagement by youth through celebration of local entrepreneurship and innovation at an AlligatorZone, the program where kids meet cool startups. AlligatorZone is a series of family-friendly startup events, aimed mainly at youth aged 7 to 17, held in various cities in close cooperation with local public libraries. For more information on AlligatorZone, visit This blog post has been minimally edited mainly for accuracy but otherwise posted in its original form to preserve the authenticity of a 10-year old’s original work. Follow AlligatorZone at and like us at