AlligatorZone inspires young minds in Tampa, in a live interactive session

July 17, 2017

Articles in this blog post are written by 11 and 12 year olds who attended an AlligatorZone Academy workshop in Tampa Florida, in June 2017.

I had a great time at AlligatorZone. Being an Alligator Zone Ambassador, I got there early and helped set up the room for the presenters and audience. The presenters were Rob Povlony of Eat Fresco, Dr. Oren Milstein of Stemrad, and Ron and Jeff Rudderman of Vidpic AR.

Rob Povlony started Eat Fresco because he wanted to give people quick, restaurant-quality food at home. Dr. Oren Milstein started Stemrad to protect first responders from gamma radiation. Ron and Jeff Rudderman started VidPic AR because they believe that there is a story behind every picture. The startup entrepreneurs were friendly and enthusiastic during their AlligatorZone presentations. They talked about where they got their product ideas, the technology behind their products, how they funded their startups, how they are selling their products, how they started and continue to grow their business. They also showed prototypes and examples of their products.

The audience asked good questions. For example, one person asked Dr. Millstein if head protection against Gamma Radiation was needed (The answer was no, but still…).

After the presentations were over, I interviewed two of the three startup founders. (Dr. Milstein had to leave early.) During their interviews, the startup founders said that they enjoyed presenting at Alligator Zone. It was a great time.