Welcome to the AlligatorZone®, where kids meet cool startups! AlligatorZone Product Show-and-Tell Events are hosted by various public institutions across the country to connect successful entrepreneurs and families in local communities. By bringing together entrepreneurs with local youth, AlligatorZone programming fosters mutual learning and an entrepreneurial spirit.

For everyone’s safety and well-being, we require that all children be monitored by their parent, legal guardian, or an adult appointed by a legal guardian (“guardian”). We expect guardians to watch over their children and to accompany them to and from the venue that hosts the AlligatorZone Product Show-andTell event. Although formal background checks have not been conducted, we respect our entrepreneurs and are confident that the event will be a rewarding experience for the entire family when parents and guardians actively participate.

Please be aware that photographs and videos may be taken on behalf of AlligatorZone and/or the institution hosting the Product Show-and-Tell event. These photos and videos may be used to promote or further the purposes of AlligatorZone and its programming. For example, AlligatorZone may post the videos and/or photographs online to benefit a larger audience. Aside from this form and the information that was provided on the registration form for this event, AlligatorZone does not collect additional, personally identifying information. All other information collected is not on behalf of AlligatorZone.

By registering for this event, you (the guardian) are agreeing that you have the right to contract for the minor(s) in your care and that you agree to accompany and monitor the minor(s) throughout the event. You agree that AlligatorZone may use the names, likenesses, photographic images or videos, and voices of yourself and the children you accompany. If you or the child you accompany creates content for AlligatorZone, you assign all rights to AlligatorZone. You also agree that, in the unlikely event of injury, harm, or other litigable instance, you and the minors you accompany waive your rights to hold AlligatorZone liable. Acceptance of this release is required for admission.

Thank you for your cooperation, and please enjoy the event!