Astra for Enterprises

AlligatorZone® Astra delivers tailored Learning & Development programs that give birth to stars in the world of business, whether from among employees, suppliers, or key stakeholders.

Let us help you re-imagine your special purpose training programs, workshops and educational seminars


  • Continuing education programs for every aspect of an organization’s functioning. This contributes to a better-oiled business engine that serves employees, shareholders, stakeholders including the larger community better. We make your continuing education programs more engaging for better memory retention and help you deliver them.
  • Compliance training re-imagined in a variety of storytelling formats so that your team members, stakeholders, customers, and suppliers enjoy and remember lessons learned instead of merely enduring another webinar and checking off boxes.
  • Creativity workshops distilling lessons from the world of innovation across industries
  • Conference programming and design to spread inspiration and energy throughout an organization or a department.
  • Supply Chain education programs for a more enlightened and thus, a better empowered supplier base, to make your job easier in finding the best supplier.

Contact AlligatorZone’s Astra division today for our enterprise services, and ask us about our custom-designed curricula and training-programs / workshops tailored for your organization, department or a smaller cohort of executives and team members, designed and delivered in a compelling manner for better memory recall.