Curriculum: Ambassador Program for Developing Social Skills

Our highly acclaimed AlligatorZone® Ambassador coaching program helps students develop essential social skills, while making it fun for the whole family.

AZ-Amb-Request-BannerEncourage your children, including teens to be an AlligatorZone Ambassador.  Look for the sign-up link when you reserve seats for an upcoming session.  The AlligatorZone Ambassadors initiative was developed to coach teens interested in volunteering for leadership roles at free public events of AlligatorZone, with the help of their parents in the supportive, forgiving and uplifting environment of their own community. Younger kids who want to try their hand at something are never denied the opportunity as this is a free public event and a very supportive environment with parent present and engaged. The AlligatorZone Ambassador initiative is unique in that it just might help youth find their raison d’être while meeting cool startup founders from their local area.

For the AlligatorZone Ambassador initiative in our event-program, youth get coached in the presence of their parents, with a specially designed curriculum.

Besides the obvious skills of

  • public speaking,
  • communication and
  • story-telling,

these young AlligatorZone Ambassadors also learn very nuanced and important life-skills such as

  • diplomacy,
  • empathy,
  • patience,
  • inclusion,
  • tolerance,
  • self-awareness,
  • presence-of-mind,
  • resourcefulness,
  • responsibility
  • taking things in one’s stride, and
  • last but not the least, being forgiving of oneself and others in a supportive learning environment.

The AlligatorZone Ambassador initiative was very successfully piloted in the cities of Sunnyvale, Palo Alto and Mountain View in California in Fall 2015, and has since started becoming a staple of most AlligatorZone sessions.  Read this blog post documenting the early experiences with AlligatorZone Ambassador.