RecordGram-being-interviewedThe AlligatorZone® event-program in most locations is run by empowered kids and teens, and was launched in early 2014 as a program where kids meet cool startups. AlligatorZone® was created by a dad, serial entrepreneur and community volunteer with (and for) two young fellow co-founders since the time they were both elementary school students. In uplifting event-programs AlligatorZone® strives to help school-age kids and youth prepare for a calling and for careers that probably don’t yet exist. Since its inception in June 2014, more than 100 startups have been showcased to young and eager audiences and their families in over 50 live public events held at public libraries in a dozen cities spread across three states.

The founders’ dream is to bring AlligatorZone’s free public event-program to youngsters and their families in every community where it is welcomed.

At the request of some parents seeking more than the occasional free event-programming, AlligatorZone® has also been offering premium offerings through enrichment workshops for families seeking to invest in a more enduring alternative learning environment beyond the event-programs. Called AlligatorZone® Academy, this series of premium workshops distills real-life lessons shared by the various startup founders featured in AlligatorZone’s nationwide event-programs into kid-friendly educational courses. AlligatorZone® also offers its uplifting program within the school premises with the support of the PTA. These premium offerings and our sponsors help support our dream of bringing AlligatorZone® as a free event-program to youngsters in every community that welcomes such programs, while helping the youngsters prepare for careers that very likely don’t yet exist.

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