AlligatorZone® offers Virtual Enrichment Education Programs.

Self-study Program

Case Stories

AlligatorZone Analysis is a powerful monthly program that uses storytelling to present an analysis of the world around us. It helps young students observe the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur and learn to seek opportunities to solve problems everywhere around them. These ebooks also serve as teaching aids for teachers in schools and for the home-schooled. Get started with a membership and visit the program page.

Guided Programs (coming soon)

Communication Skills Programs

  • Authorship develops increased self-awareness and critical selling skills through written communication. The first course in this module is ‘Blog School‘.
  • Audio, to build active listening skills (coming soon for individual subscribers).

Conference Skill Development

  • Ambassador program provides opportunities for students to develop conference coordination skills, and audience moderation skills.

Social and Emotional Learning Programs

  • Changemaker, project-based learning program to learn the value of good citizenship and social consciousness (will be made available soon to individual subscribers).
  • Launch & Learn, project-based program to learn the joys of starting and seeing an initiative through to successful completion. (coming soon for individual subscribers).
  • Games, to learn decision making, and social and emotional learning, while gaining an understanding of complex concepts in commerce (will be made available soon to individual subscribers).