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AlligatorZone® is a free face-to-face community of life-long learners. Once you sign up for any of our programs, you are a member of our learning community. Tailored for ages 8 to 18 and for early college students, our free startup events at public libraries are open to all families with school-age children, middle-school, high-school and early college students, including life-long learners. The free events provide a chance for students to learn through direct interaction with innovators and their work. However, students needn’t limit themselves to the periodical events. For students of ages 10-18 and early college-age students, we offer home-based programs as well. Enjoy a monthly package of really cool insights we put together and send to you to explore the changing world of industry, when you become a premium subscriber.

Students and life-long learners need a sustained exploration program to help find a calling in industries of the future. That’s what our premium programs deliver for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. When you create a premium account, not only do you get started on an exploration of the future, but you also get started on a path of personal branding.

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