Look for our free event-program in a public library near you.Take your kids and teens to a community event by AlligatorZone® where students meet startups. Sign up here (or scroll down for the event calendar). 

Watch post-event videos in the playlist below.AlligatorZone®, where kids meet cool startups™ is proud to continue its tradition of holding free community events to help youngsters enjoy a peek into the minds of innovators and entrepreneurs who are creating the future. AlligatorZone® has showcased close to 150 startups to kids and teens in public libraries all the way from Silicon Valley to South Florida. 

Calendar of Events.


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AlligatorZone®, where students meet startups™, is a face-to-face community that brings together innovators entrepreneurs and school-age kids to help the youngsters get a peek into the minds of those who are creating the future. AlligatorZone® offers event-programs, alternative learning environments, educational enrichment programs for children, and at-home learning programs in a shared experience with a parent or a guardian. The mission of AlligatorZone® is to empower students with the tools they need to prepare for success through finding their calling in our fast-changing world.