AlligatorZone Advantage Plan

Start your student’s exploration of what they may enjoy as a calling, with the Advantage premium plan.

The Advantage plan (previously known as the ‘Ambassador Advantage’ plan)  provides student-members with a sustained, structured and immersive leadership and personal development opportunities in an upgrade to the sporadic AlligatorZone Ambassador initiative that we have offered since 2015 to kids who want to have fun trying their hand at the various aspects of our free public events.

Most importantly, AlligatorZone Advantage Plan will include a practical soft-skills leadership certification course. This real-world leadership skills certification course is age-adjusted and offered through a guided self-paced activity-based curriculum for kids to pursue and practice in the comfort of their homes or locality. AlligatorZone Ambassador Advantage aims to equip children with the tools they will need to differentiate their personal brand.

Highlights of AlligatorZone Advantage

  • A Focus on Storytelling Skills: The training program in AlligatorZone Ambassador Advantage plan will cover critical leadership-skills drawn from the world of entrepreneurship, to equip kids better for the real-world where one needs power skills to make things happen – skills such as storytelling through writing for impact, writing for influence, writing for introspection, or writing to impress, among others.
  • Certifications: This program will include practical exercises for the students to clear as milestones, to get certified for different skills in marketing communication. AlligatorZone Advantage plan aims to prepare young minds for success in any calling or career in future.
  • Personal Branding: The program is designed as a low-intensity, once-a-month joyful mental workout for kids and teens, which will generate compounded value for them over a period of time, through personal branding.
  • Early Exploration: An exploration of industries of the future, in the convenience of your home, for students who are undecided, and for college undergraduates with undeclared majors.
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