AlligatorZone Activity Plan

AlligatorZone Activity Premium Plan is for young minds to absorb important lessons from the world around them.

The Activity Plan is a spin-off from one of our first sessions in a summer enrichment workshop that we conducted for kids. The session was all about guiding students to learn by asking the right questions, by using the world around them as their living and dynamic text-book. It is ideal for grade levels 3 and above. The AlligatorZone Activity plan aims to help children harness their innate curiosity as a super-power to learn about things they may enjoy doing when they grow up. AlligatorZone Activity plan will make them smart consumers, and we believe, smarter producers of economic goods and services.

Highlights of AlligatorZone Activity Plan

  • A focus on learning from the real-world: The training program through the activity ebooks will take the kids and teens on a fascinating journey of learning and discovery, with relevance to their world. The AlligatorZone Activity Premium Plan will offer a monthly activity in an e-book format, along with a resource guide for students to engage in fun activities and report back to the coaches at AlligatorZone regularly.
  • Certificate of completion: The young participants will earn certificates of completion as they clear various milestones in their learning journey. The activity ebook will provide them the opportunity to take their learning as far, deep and wide as they wish. Along the way, they may find a career or a calling of particular interest.
  • Asking the right questions: Knowing what are the right questions to ask is a life-skill that everyone could use. With AlligatorZone Activity, kids will learn the right questions to ask, and learn to retain their innate curiosity through their growing years.
  • Personal Branding: The plan was enhanced in August 2019, with a personal branding module, to help generate compounded value for students over a period of time, through nurturing a distinctive personal brand.
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