Achieve for Schools

AlligatorZone® Achieve is a specialized curriculum that uses games, stories, performance tasks and projects as a teaching aid for elementary and middle school teachers to inspire their students to stay curious and look at the world around them through the eyes of a problem solver. Teacher training is included for schools licensing AlligatorZone Achieve as a Class-in-a-Box.

Pathway to Success in the Future of Work:

AlligatorZone®’s curriculum for schools builds a pathway to success in the future of work. Given below is a listing of AlligatorZone’s curriculum modules.

Module 1: AlligatorZone® Analysis

Case Story™ is a powerful monthly program that is part of the AlligatorZone® Analysis module, which uses storytelling to present an analysis of the world around us. It helps young students observe the world through the eyes of an entrepreneur and learn to seek opportunities for solving problems everywhere around them. These ebooks also serve as teaching aids for teachers in schools and for the home-schooled. Learn more on the program page.

Module 2: Communication Skills Programs

  • Authorship develops increased self-awareness and critical selling skills through written communication. The first course in this module is ‘Blog School‘.
  • Audio, to build active listening skills (coming soon for individual subscribers).

Module 3: Conference Skill Development

  • Ambassador program provides opportunities for students to develop conference coordination skills, and audience moderation skills.

Module 4: Social Impact Skills

  • Changemaker, project-based learning program to learn the value of good citizenship and social consciousness (will be made available soon to individual subscribers).

Module 5: Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Launch & Learn, project-based program to learn the joys of starting and seeing an initiative through to successful completion. (coming soon for individual subscribers).

Module 6: Social and Emotional Learning Programs

  • Games, to learn decision making, and social and emotional learning, while gaining an understanding of complex concepts in commerce (will be made available soon to individual subscribers).

Module 7: Organizational Skills Programs

  • AlligatorZone® Assembly, is a unique program that has its origins in the public events we have been organizing since 2014 for bringing inspiring stories of innovation into gatherings, thus helping young students enjoy a leadership coaching platform and opportunities to interact with and learn from innovators. It is now available as extensions for schools to bring the program to their school assemblies and student clubs.

Curriculum Development Methodology:

AlligatorZone® develops and refines curriculum in live pilot programs before offering them as licensed products and programs to parents, schools, after-school enrichments programs and tutors.  AlligatorZone® also provides tailored training programs for educators on the delivery of the curriculum. Scroll down for curriculum components that are now available for use for enrichment education in schools and at home. AlligatorZone®’s curriculum components form stepping stones for any student towards a futuristic pathway for a fulfilling career and hopefully arriving at one’s calling sooner than later.

State Standards Compatibility:

AlligatorZone® will map the curriculum to a specific State’s education standards upon request.

AlligatorZone®’s curriculum and pathway to success is available as a licensed and copyrighted product / program for use by members as individual subscribers, and for use in schools and educational institutions for bulk-licensing by a class, a school or a school district.

Curricula Delivery – Class-In-A-Box

The curriculum is delivered as a digital ‘Class-In-A-Box’ customized for the needs of a teacher and the students.

Professional Development

AlligatorZone® Achieve includes a Train-the-Teacher program as well as a Train-the-Trainer program to help keep costs down for schools.

Continuous Improvement

AlligatorZone® has a continuous improvement program with short feedback loops. Contact us for addressing the specific needs of your school or classroom.


AlligatorZone® welcomes licensing inquiries for its curriculum designed to develop skills in students as young as 7, for success in the future of work. Contact us for a brochure.