Why Present At AlligatorZone

IMG_1983Here are some of several benefits of doing a Product Show-and-Tell at an AlligatorZone.

  • A chance to inspire someone: You just might inspire a kid or a teenager to greatnessIMG_0741
  • A chance to get help for your venture: You may meet a potential intern, employee, investor, distributor or customer among the parents in the audience.  That has happened.
  • A chance to improve your product or process: You  may obtain insights about your own product that never occurred to you. That has happened.  Yocropped-IMG_2556.jpgu will learn to never underestimate the robust common-sense of the soccer-mom in the audience. You will learn not to underestimate the innate awareness of technology among the young digital natives who do not know a world without modern devices.
  • A chance to be a superhero: You will feel like a hero because your local community celebrates you.  That psychologicalIMG_8320 boost is very important for an entrepreneur.  We can’t bottle that ingredient and sell it to entrepreneurs, but we come close.  You will experience it at an AlligatorZone.
  • A chance to bring clarity in your communication: You learn how to explain your product in a way that even a seven year-old can understand it.  Startup founders tell us that the experience is such a sensory overload that it takes a few days for some of the questions that kids ask to really start sinking in and helping the entrepreneur gain greater clarity and purpose as they continue their entrepreneurial journey.
  • A chance for introspection: You learn to articulate your raison d’être
  • A chance to build your community: AlligatorZone is an unbelievably uplifting experience. You will see and feel the community rallying around you, but also see it join in celebrating a collective brighter economic future.

To be considered for doing a show-and-tell of your product or offering, start here.