How To Present

Startup founders may use this short form to make a request to present at an AlligatorZone.  Note: Please have your logo file in .PNG format (with transparent background) available to upload before you start filling up this form.

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Please check this box to confirm: (a) that your company and product have already been openly announced and are not in stealth-mode, (b) that you are ready to show your working product or offering in such public forum where it may be shared by anyone publicly (since this is a product show-and-tell to kids and youth who are kinesthetic by nature, expect them to be eager to test-drive your product or offering as soon as possible), and (c) that a founder will be present to do the product show-and-tell for the duration of the session.

Please note: AlligatorZone is a product show-and-tell, not a place to assess ideas, run focus groups or to make sales pitches (we have separate sponsorship spots for that). Startup founders can avail of coaching before they present at AlligatorZone.